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Now we play the "Depressing" game!
Over the years, I've become more desensitized  to things... a normal person wouldn't handle.
Back then, I didn't have a voice, I was defenseless, I was happy.
Now, I kinda have a voice, I'm happy, I have nice Internet friends. (If that's how you call it)

So, what I want is Sad or Depressing things.
 Can be a story of yours.
 A video you'd like to show me.
 things you cant probably post here.
 I actually dont care, put anything to show.
 Pm me on steam if sensitive content.
 I like animation so show me!

To you it may not look like a game, but I treat it like it is.
So no excuses, but you can actually send me anything you want.
Other then all that this vid show sum it up...

Almost forgot my quote!
"Sometimes... You only need a Big Fake Smile, To hide the Big Disgrace you Feel Inside..."
Okay whatever, Captain Emo.
[Image: is%2Bthe%2Border%2Ba%2Brabbit%2B2%2Bdancing%2Bloli.gif]

I'm pretty sure this is the second time I've posted this on TG

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