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On June 1st, 2016,

My brother Jacob (Hiatus) passed away because of a tumor overtaking his lungs when cancer left him.

I wasn't there to be with him on his passing he wanted to let everyone know here was on his thoughts. Everyone who knew my brother Hiatus was a friend on the server.

As his older brother i have never seen him play and laugh at the same time playing with people online on garry's mod. 

he was very happy to say that "I'm very glad i get to play with friends online on a server" before i left for my trip. 

Now im here delivering the message here on the forums again that he's no longer suffering with the illness and now he's gone.

Again, as his brother i wanted to let everyone know about his passing and i'm very happy that he had people to play with him on just on 1 server and he was happy as well. 

I want to thank EVERYONE, for letting my brother play on Tectonic. He loved everyone here.

Thank you very much Tectonic Gaming, i can't express my gratitude enough because he was laughing happily.


PS. i'm sorry about the aheago display picture. 
It is absolutely heartbreaking to hear that a member of the Tectonic community, someone who is a family member to all who have played here, has passed away. Jacob (Hiatus) was an awesome person to play and talk with. I will never forget all the times I had the opportunity to play games with him, whether it be classic TTT, or a small group game that was organized. He was always a positive player, easy to joke around with, and there was never a time I did not enjoy playing games together. Jacob will forever be remembered and missed by his family here on Tectonic. May he rest in peace. <3
It's tragic what happened to your brother. I didn't play with him in quite a while but I still remember how enjoyable it was to play TTT with him, he was a good person, very upbeat, always cheerful., had many good friends and I am glad I got the opportunity to get to know him.
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I'm absolutely gutted about this...honestly, I have no idea what to say to this. I've been mulling over what I should say, but I'm never one for planning. 

What can I say, Hiatus was a pretty cool guy, if not a bit too cheerful for my liking, ha. ... That was a joke by the way..I did like him...ah, the rambling. 

Apologies, dealing with loss is not exactly something I'd ever get right. 

RIP Hiatus.
I am especially grateful that you kept us informed throughout the whole debacle and you, your family as well as the rest of TG have my condolences. We lost a brother today and no matter where we are or where life takes us we won't forget the people we played and we especially won't forget those we've lost.

Rest in peace Hiatus.
It really is heartbreaking to hear that a member of TG, my and everyone else's friend has passed away. Hiatus was a great person, one that I've always enjoyed playing with. He was always very cheerful and a positive person, hell I even love the way he talks. I still remember it clearly in my mind. It pains me to hear that he is gone now but I know that it must be worse for you. I'm glad that I got to meet Hiatus in TG, I really mean it.

This one's for you buddy. I hope that where ever you are, you'll find peace.
It is a sad day indeed. Jacob (Hiatus) was one of the shining stars in the community. He always knew how to make other people laugh even when they weren't having a good day. He will be missed.

Thank you, Jordan, for taking the time to update us. It means a lot.
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Fuck. Thats all i can say really... I felt like Jacob was more than a member of TG he was part of the family we built here. Im sad to hear this and may he rest in peace and in our hearts. Goodbye friend.
My heart fills with sorrow at the news. Thank you for informing us, it means a lot. I believe I speak well for all of us- We are here if you need to ever come to someone. For anything. I hope you can rest well soon.
I'm very sorry to hear about your loss, Jordan. It really pains me to hear that a member of TG has passed on. Jacob will be missed. He was a great person. Always being as friendly as he could be, and cheering up everybody around him as he did so. I remember a few times on the server where we were chasing each other around, I don't exactly remember why, but I do remember his laugh. It was the first thing that I remembered as I read this terrible news. I wish you and your family all the best.

Rest in peace, Jacob.

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