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Dinomoto Forum App
In-game name and all relevant aliases used while playing on our servers: Dinomoto 
Steam ID (32-Bit E.g STEAM_1:0:12345678): 

Timezone (in GMT format E.g. GMT+10): UK time, whatever that is.

Main server you play on: Forums, maybe TTT if we see some hustle.

Age: 22 (ah, the boring number)

Admin Experience:
List any previous admin experiences you have had in the past: Oh shit, memory lane...
SKG - Trial admin
Conjoint Gaming - Veteran admin
Pub Gaming - Full Admin and Forum Admin with Sourcebans duties *wink wink*
Tectonic Gaming - Head Admin, Forum Mod.

List any traits that you have that you believe would make you a good modmin: I tell people what I think of them. No hiding from the truth, no sugar coating, if you're a cunt, I will say it...and you know I would.

Why do you want to be a modmin: Because shit is messy.

Are there any issues that we should know about that may affect your performance as a modmin: Asperges, but hasn't hindered me to the point of trouble yet.  

Scenario Questions(Question 1 is mandatory - pick 2 others to answer):
1) You do not like working with another modmin. You and him simply do not get along. How do you handle this conflict of personality? We will tussle, there is no denying that, but we both have a job to do so fuck it.

2) You have banned somebody. Their friends are now harassing you about the ban. What do you do?

3) You observe your friend, a fellow admin, breaking a rule over and over. Resolve the situation.

4) A new player has joined the server for the first time, and it is obvious that they are new to Garrys mod and the gamemode you are playing. You have observed that the person has broken a few rules. Resolve the situation.

5) Four people are RDMd and three of them do not complain. One of them does complain. How would you handle the incident?
[Image: is%2Bthe%2Border%2Ba%2Brabbit%2B2%2Bdancing%2Bloli.gif]
We're short staffed and we could use the help. Approved.
[Image: XmM2GJ6.png]

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