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Admin abuse
Name of player (your name): Girl Chan

Name of admin: James'Gamer

Time abuse began/ended at: around 8 pm or just before.

Evidence: [OOC] (James'Gamer) Katherine Hylands: i swear to god if u dont stop killing me
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[OOC] (I WANNA TAKE YOU FOR A RIDE) Tyrone Grundy: nu
[OOC] (James'Gamer) Katherine Hylands: ill explode u all

[SPECTATOR] Katherine Hylands: !explode *
(Someone) exploded Everyone

Additional comments:
He was trying to do something in admin menu and instead of noclipping out of the way so he wouldnt get killed as an alien, he decided to idle where anyone could kill him and then exploded people when he got killed. He then lied and said he didnt mean to explode people, which was a blatant lie considering the logs I just posted. He then went on to explode people again at the end of another round, however I did not get the logs for that as I timed out right before hand. My friends however were on, and witnessed it.
I have spoken to cool hands about this and  have solved the issue with him
First off, we take admin abuse reports very seriously here. The proper investigation is underway and the results will be posted here after it is completed.

EDIT: i have only a cursory look over logs and I have determined this is one of the grossest cases of modmin abuse. James has been relieved of his position as of now.

I sincerely apologize for the massive inconvenience caused. Future applicants will be reviewed more closely.

Logs will be posted shortly after.
[Image: XmM2GJ6.png]

30th of July:
29th of July:

[Image: mdRvg8h.png]

From the incident, there were more than 50 incidents of James Gamer exploding players. This is without the teleportation too. If coupled with teleportation, shocked, and explosions, there are more than 200 incidents that have occurred. This is not appropriate behaviour for administrators nor moderators. This is flat out abuse. You should not be having the explode button binded to a key, first key error. Second, you should not teleport friends just because they ask, as a staff member, you need to act with impartialness, for the sake of fairness, there is also a reason on why "!unstuck" exists for a reason. Lastly, you should NEVER use your powers for the sake of revenge. You should not be slaying people for killing you while you were on the admin menu, you should have instead switched to spectator mode, another sign of abuse. Also, don't tell us the "menu closed because players killed you" bullshit. ULX will not close if you die, it stays persistent. 

Here are your list of offences:
1. Abuse of Powers
     a. Exploded players on multiple accounts.
     b. Teleported players on multiple accounts.
     c. Use of powers for the sake of revenge.
     d. Manipulation of Leaders (read: fabrication)

James Gamer's powers will be revoked, and a ban is in consideration.
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