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Applying for mod
In-game name and all relevant aliases used while playing on our servers:
Steam ID (32-Bit E.g STEAM_1:0:12345678):
Timezone (in GMT format E.g. GMT+10):
pacific west coast
Main server you play on:
Admin Experience:
List any previous admin experiences you have had in the past:
I have been super admin on 3 gamemodes(murder sandbox Darkrp) - mysticrage
List any traits that you have that you believe would make you a good modmin:
I am fine under pressure of people calling me names and i cna understand wheny they are crctizing other people just how far it should go. If it went to far i would gag the disrespectful to try keeping the server and game fun.
Why do you want to be a modmin:
Personally it has gotten to me the disrespect and i play at odd hours so admins arent always on i feel that i could stand up for  my self but i fail i would like to have the opptinty to stop the cussing and foul langauage that are directed upon others.
Are there any issues that we should know about that may affect your performance as a modmin:
No there are no issues i can handle my anger and go about a duty as it should be carried out.
Scenario Questions(Question 1 is mandatory - pick 2 others to answer):
1) You do not like working with another modmin. You and him simply do not get along. How do you handle this conflict of personality?
If the other modmin has senoriaty i would step back and watch the situation to see what he/she would do to make myself a better staff member.
2) You have banned somebody. Their friends are now harassing you about the ban. What do you do?

3) You observe your friend, a fellow admin, breaking a rule over and over. Resolve the situation.
I would warn him if he/she continues to break the rule I would give him/her a temperoy 24 hour ban and inform a senior admin of the sitution and let him/her handle it.
4) A new player has joined the server for the first time, and it is obvious that they are new to Garrys mod and the gamemode you are playing. You have observed that the person has broken a few rules. Resolve the situation.

5) Four people are RDMd and three of them do not complain. One of them does complain. How would you handle the incident?
Rdm is not allowed on the server and yes it happens sometims so i would warn the person who killed them if he does it again i would kick him if he comes back and does it again i would 24 hour ban him/her.
Can we verify what servers he was superadmin on, and why he was dismissed or left?
[Image: XmM2GJ6.png]
Edit: After consideration, I do not feel this application is considered complete enough for me to make a valid vote. I am not going to support this application out of my belief that your reasoning isn't what TG is looking for.

I don't take previous servers into account unless they can supply reference, and actual work of them in action.

The application still feels a little rushed, but the performance is better.

While having a staff member on at off times is rather handy, there is also the reason being disrespect and foul language. I do not mind trash talking, but when it comes down to disrespect and continued harassment then a staff member needs to step in. It's a game about killing one another, so eventually someone is going to get pissed off.
Yes I suggest staff members play with him prior to making their mind up either way.

Also Taurvi I can try and see if I can track down the info on his previous experience.

Edit: Talked with James. Says two of the server were closed down a while back. The one that is operational is called mysticrage

Here is brief experience interview:

Anton #CertifiedPunArtist: Sir Derpy Creeper: So I hear u got quetions O.O
Anton #CertifiedPunArtist: Well, more like my friend wants to get mod on a server and I had to thin kof some shit to help.
Anton #CertifiedPunArtist: Right off the bat, I'ma say this won't guarantee anything going better for James'Gamer, but it helps to have more.
Sir Derpy Creeper: Ok that's fine dude xD
Anton #CertifiedPunArtist: Fa sho, man.
Anton #CertifiedPunArtist: So, I heard your friend was admin on a few servers before.
Sir Derpy Creeper: James right?
Anton #CertifiedPunArtist: James'Gamer, yeah
Sir Derpy Creeper: Yeah I worked with him on one of them
Anton #CertifiedPunArtist: fellow admin?
Sir Derpy Creeper: yus
Anton #CertifiedPunArtist: What server was it, and how long was he mod?
Sir Derpy Creeper: MysticRage Servers and he was mod on it for longer than I was
Sir Derpy Creeper: I'd say a couple of months or so
Anton #CertifiedPunArtist: Gotcha. Got a more specific number, possibly? Also, how often were there any complaints or issues concerning James?
Sir Derpy Creeper: Well I never saw any complaints for him to be honest
Sir Derpy Creeper: and I would say maybe 2months not to sure xD
Anton #CertifiedPunArtist: Okay, so 2 months of modding.
Sir Derpy Creeper: Some where close to it xD
Anton #CertifiedPunArtist: Can you give me the name of the person who owned the server?
Sir Derpy Creeper: Lemme check he should still be on my friends list
Sir Derpy Creeper: Well his name was RageQuit Bro
Sir Derpy Creeper: or something close to it
Sir Derpy Creeper: the server went down so he stopped talking to us
Anton #CertifiedPunArtist: Do you think you and James could get him to talk to me?
Sir Derpy Creeper: I could see
Anton #CertifiedPunArtist: Thanks, man.
Anton #CertifiedPunArtist: How much of a chance will rage speak?
Sir Derpy Creeper: Probably low
Anton #CertifiedPunArtist: Okay, so ignore that part.
Sir Derpy Creeper: Ok
Anton #CertifiedPunArtist: Thanks for your time, bro.
God, I feel like such a Nazi for this, but PLEEEEASE continue working on your app's grammar. For reasons mostly similar to Legacy's, I'll remain neutral. At this point, though, I'm willing to even change that vote to a +1 if you can edit and demonstrate A-/B+ quality grammar. I'll point out a mistake or two and even write out an example for you so you have something to work with.

Example (find where I took it from and you can use it, I left a mistake or few in there for a more accurate A-/B+): RDM is not allowed on the server (and yes, it happens sometimes), so I would warn the person who killed them. If he does it again, I will kick him. If he comes back and does it again, I would ban him/her for 24 hours.

Compared to: Rdm is not allowed on the server and yes it happens sometims so i would warn the person who killed them if he does it again i would kick him if he comes back and does it again i would 24 hour ban him/her.

Read both, ask yourself which one would be taken more seriously, then make your app match more to the one that works better.

Noteworthy mistakes:

opptinty -> opportunity
crctizing -> criticizing
cna -> I won't do that much, lol.
In relative comparison - grammar, while important, shouldn't be the basis of the app.
[Image: XmM2GJ6.png]
I agree. Like I've already mentioned. I strongly encourage staff members to play with the applicant(s) prior to posting their opinion on their application. James is probably on the server several times a day so it shouldn't be hard to get online when he is on as well.
(07-08-2015, 11:23 AM)☭ Prince Taurvi Wrote: In relative comparison - grammar, while important, shouldn't be the basis of the app.

Exactly. Basing someones capabilities solely on whether or not there grammar is stellar seems very assish. I can understand it can be used as a tool to see someones attitude and perhaps age, but to say, "Your grammar is shit so I can't vote yes," is like saying, yeah I have no positions open for you at this time because your Black, White, Hispanic, or Asian. 

Anyways, James seems like a decent enough fellow and everything is in order. My vote is +1, Yes.
I have been playing with James on the server now for the last few months and I personally believe he would make a great addition to the staff. We are currently in need of a staff member who is active during the week and can provide back up when others are not on. James is mature, helpful and a very level headed player. He understand the server rules and is always looking out for what's best for the server. 

Welcome to the team!  Wink

+3 / -1

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