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Banned From Morbus Server
Your name: Anthem

Your Steam ID: Xartch

Server you were banned on: Tectonic Gaming morbus server

Who banned you?: Unknown

Why were you banned?: My sanity was very low, I shot one innocent out of suspicion, he turned off the generator which is reason enough for me ( plus it's annoying ) only innocent I ever killed besides someone who shot me first. My sanity dropped to 600+ no problem, it slowly declined and then next thing i know, BANNED!

When were you banned?: 7/5/2015

Reason(s) why you should be unbanned: I killed one innocent guy, under reasonable suspicion. I know plenty of people who have straight up murdered me, and my friends for no reason, ex: a guy who shot me for no reason, i won the firefight, not my fault he shot first.

Additional comments: I don't know who banned me, but apparently the guy who powered off the generator was someones buddy, who was new to the game, i didn't know this until after he was killed.
Ban Details:
[Image: ba03db5689088e2c42fe2ea0dbb9e1f4.png]

Waiting for admin response.
[Image: jTd9Owj.gif]
For the record, turning off generators as a human is technically KOS. Pending response from Anton.

Quote:4. Lights/Trap Usage

Turning off the lights is a killable offense. Spamming the lights may result in a slay because it is extremely disruptive to gameplay. Traps should not be used excessively. If you use a trap, you are responsible for every person who gets killed by it.

(Morbus Rules)
[Image: XmM2GJ6.png]
Hey, man, I remember you from Morbus. My bad for making a situation outta this, and thanks for helping me so that I may make similar mistakes mistakes less to never. That being said, I have to play Devil's advocate for the sake of admin business, so please bear with me (also for your reading pleasure, I threw in a language thing at the begining, enjoiii).

 I remember the end of the round when I heard news of potential RDM. The victim's friend (whose name I won't release rn) was my trusty teammate , so it was he who relayed to me the statement of the victim. As I listened in, the info consisted of instances of interest in mis-hits, hits that should miss as they're given to the victim but instead are intended to kill him. Hence, RDM...

 I was told the who and the what, the when and the where, but why wasn't there. I was prepared to find how the fight had been fared, then try and ask why, keeping in mind he might've lied lie then and there. Thus, it was into the OOC, where I spoke in the hopes to meet the bro that supposedly murdered him 'there', and declared that he spare a few words, a few words for this yet-to-be new version on what was potentially RDM...

 I gave him a time limit so he knew that I'd listen. It was more like advice given, like a "try and form your side within the time written, so we might provide forgiveness." Yet, at the end of it all, response time clocked out,  now his chances were gone, and just like that, he was gone without writing back for a benevolent cause. Thus, it was RDM...

 For those who want it less poetic and more "just help me get it", the friend approached me post-round saying the victim was RDMed. I checked the logs for the details, and the guy was shot down by Anthem. Both sides always have potential for error, though, so I wrote in OOC to ask Anthem for a response on why he killed the victim, and that he had until 8:30 on the timer to respond to me. Long story short, I never got a response, so the "innocent until proven guilty" strategy couldn't apply thanks to evidence with no rebuttal. Since the nice guy appeal didn't work...

 Anthem, you do not fall down to less than 700 sanity (and you said 600+) from merely killing two innocents, ESPECIALLY when one of them decided to attack you first. You yourself confirmed having that amount of sanity, however, so that means you either fell from a sanity that was considerably less than 1000, or were working your way down as soon as those two innos were killed. Still, pushing the "potential RDMer" argument aside, I acknowledge that you may have had suspicion enough on this specific victim for playing with the light switch, but you couldn't let me know in a generous time frame. Little thought to keep in mind, had you read the motd or even asked people in-game, you'd have known LONG ago the // and @ commands.

I'm cool with you getting unbanned since I guess you cared enough about it to post an appeal. However, when you know that there were potentially broken rules in a past round, or that a modmin is trying to ask for your help to resolve an issue, help us resolve the issue so we can go on with our game and our lives...

For future reference, OOC is "//<message>". Admin chat is "@<message>".   If you forget, ask another player. Trust me, most of us know. Other than that, have a good one.
First off: I apologize for not having seen, nor knew that you had or could message me. Had I seen it I would have replied to.

Second off: I believe the sanity number was because of the death matches that happen at the end of each game, or screwing around with friends, so I apologize for that as well.

Third off: thank you for understanding and unbanning me, I appreciate it and it won't happen again, should it, I will be sure to respond to you.
Incident resolved. Thank you to all the parties involved for coming to quick resolution.
[Image: XmM2GJ6.png]

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