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Applying for mod
Yes I suggest staff members play with him prior to making their mind up either way.

Also Taurvi I can try and see if I can track down the info on his previous experience.

Edit: Talked with James. Says two of the server were closed down a while back. The one that is operational is called mysticrage

Here is brief experience interview:

Anton #CertifiedPunArtist: Sir Derpy Creeper: So I hear u got quetions O.O
Anton #CertifiedPunArtist: Well, more like my friend wants to get mod on a server and I had to thin kof some shit to help.
Anton #CertifiedPunArtist: Right off the bat, I'ma say this won't guarantee anything going better for James'Gamer, but it helps to have more.
Sir Derpy Creeper: Ok that's fine dude xD
Anton #CertifiedPunArtist: Fa sho, man.
Anton #CertifiedPunArtist: So, I heard your friend was admin on a few servers before.
Sir Derpy Creeper: James right?
Anton #CertifiedPunArtist: James'Gamer, yeah
Sir Derpy Creeper: Yeah I worked with him on one of them
Anton #CertifiedPunArtist: fellow admin?
Sir Derpy Creeper: yus
Anton #CertifiedPunArtist: What server was it, and how long was he mod?
Sir Derpy Creeper: MysticRage Servers and he was mod on it for longer than I was
Sir Derpy Creeper: I'd say a couple of months or so
Anton #CertifiedPunArtist: Gotcha. Got a more specific number, possibly? Also, how often were there any complaints or issues concerning James?
Sir Derpy Creeper: Well I never saw any complaints for him to be honest
Sir Derpy Creeper: and I would say maybe 2months not to sure xD
Anton #CertifiedPunArtist: Okay, so 2 months of modding.
Sir Derpy Creeper: Some where close to it xD
Anton #CertifiedPunArtist: Can you give me the name of the person who owned the server?
Sir Derpy Creeper: Lemme check he should still be on my friends list
Sir Derpy Creeper: Well his name was RageQuit Bro
Sir Derpy Creeper: or something close to it
Sir Derpy Creeper: the server went down so he stopped talking to us
Anton #CertifiedPunArtist: Do you think you and James could get him to talk to me?
Sir Derpy Creeper: I could see
Anton #CertifiedPunArtist: Thanks, man.
Anton #CertifiedPunArtist: How much of a chance will rage speak?
Sir Derpy Creeper: Probably low
Anton #CertifiedPunArtist: Okay, so ignore that part.
Sir Derpy Creeper: Ok
Anton #CertifiedPunArtist: Thanks for your time, bro.

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