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Applying for mod
In-game name and all relevant aliases used while playing on our servers:
Steam ID (32-Bit E.g STEAM_1:0:12345678):
Timezone (in GMT format E.g. GMT+10):
pacific west coast
Main server you play on:
Admin Experience:
List any previous admin experiences you have had in the past:
I have been super admin on 3 gamemodes(murder sandbox Darkrp) - mysticrage
List any traits that you have that you believe would make you a good modmin:
I am fine under pressure of people calling me names and i cna understand wheny they are crctizing other people just how far it should go. If it went to far i would gag the disrespectful to try keeping the server and game fun.
Why do you want to be a modmin:
Personally it has gotten to me the disrespect and i play at odd hours so admins arent always on i feel that i could stand up for  my self but i fail i would like to have the opptinty to stop the cussing and foul langauage that are directed upon others.
Are there any issues that we should know about that may affect your performance as a modmin:
No there are no issues i can handle my anger and go about a duty as it should be carried out.
Scenario Questions(Question 1 is mandatory - pick 2 others to answer):
1) You do not like working with another modmin. You and him simply do not get along. How do you handle this conflict of personality?
If the other modmin has senoriaty i would step back and watch the situation to see what he/she would do to make myself a better staff member.
2) You have banned somebody. Their friends are now harassing you about the ban. What do you do?

3) You observe your friend, a fellow admin, breaking a rule over and over. Resolve the situation.
I would warn him if he/she continues to break the rule I would give him/her a temperoy 24 hour ban and inform a senior admin of the sitution and let him/her handle it.
4) A new player has joined the server for the first time, and it is obvious that they are new to Garrys mod and the gamemode you are playing. You have observed that the person has broken a few rules. Resolve the situation.

5) Four people are RDMd and three of them do not complain. One of them does complain. How would you handle the incident?
Rdm is not allowed on the server and yes it happens sometims so i would warn the person who killed them if he does it again i would kick him if he comes back and does it again i would 24 hour ban him/her.

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