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Friday Weekly Get-Together
Since todays went well, I want to start doing this as a weekly thing

We got about 13 different people and I want to see that increase

Every Friday at 5:00 PM/17:00 pacific  timezone ( -7 ) we're going to try doing this

Games being played will be chosen by those who show up

Platform for communication is to be decided by the poll
Did we really have that many people? It wasn't a huge group, but those who came had fun. I did.

We played a few maps on Zombie Master as well as 5 almost consecutive rounds of Garryware (and Dino won every one).

We also played some horrible Pedobear tag game.  Tongue

oc_harvest (Multiplayer Harvest Moon) in Obsidian Conflict would be nice to play with a similar-sized group. I'd be up for more Zombie Master too.
(08-20-2016, 05:45 PM)Twerty Wrote: Did we really have that many people?

When I left (I had a headache and really sore eyes, go figure it'd happen that night) I counted 9 or so in the TS and there were a few who came for a little and left, so, yes about that much
Now comes the hard part:

"Everybody, proceed to sprout your clones! We must use our duplicates to multiply our numbers!"
Mistakes were made. I got drunk yesterday and don't remember anything.
[Image: is%2Bthe%2Border%2Ba%2Brabbit%2B2%2Bdancing%2Bloli.gif]
good job dino xD
looks like it's gonna be TS again, remember to invite as many people as you can

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