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Friday Game-Day
Pedo bear escape does because its a gamemode and not a sourcemod
[Image: is%2Bthe%2Border%2Ba%2Brabbit%2B2%2Bdancing%2Bloli.gif]
What we need to do is get everyone together friday evening or something and play one of the games

Discord, Skype, TS, whatever works
Doesn't need to be just one game.
[Image: is%2Bthe%2Border%2Ba%2Brabbit%2B2%2Bdancing%2Bloli.gif]
I meant start off with one and see how it goes as we slowly cycle through the list
I'll use whatever will be used to voice chat.

And since I'm still a hard ass about it I'll suggest Halo Online again.
so is Friday at like 5 pacific time good? or should we do it a different day?

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