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Sneakpeek to the First Indepth Guide for Morbus
Unfortunately I've strained a muscle connected to my index finger. In both of my hands. So I've been out of gaming for a while. In the meantime I've been finishing up work on a guide that I started up all the way in February. I'm basically done with the Beginner portion, and while its indepth, I'm unsure if I wanna include an advanced section talking about alot of other stuff in the same guide as a separate section, or make the advanced portion a separate guide for the future. Expect some juicy content in both guides.

For now, I'm here to show the people a short and simple guide on how to keybind Brood upgrades to a button. Hope you all enjoy.


Assuming you have the default Garry's mod key bindings, Q drops your weapon, suit zoom, which has no default in Gmod, is alien chat, Z drops ammunition, E is for use and getting weapons, C is for the upgrades menu, shift is for sprint, brood aliens only, V is to transform into a brood alien, F1 brings up the Help menu, F2 brings up the Rules menu, and F3 brings up the settings/options menu. Y is for local chat, and U is for alien chat. I would recommend going into the settings/options menu and turning off Alien distortion, along with changing the color scheme of your HUD as an alien.

It is also possible to keybind brood upgrades, a fact I found out while making this very guide for Morbus. It was thought you could not keybind brood upgrades until now.

There is a console command called morbus_upgrade. A number, anywhere from 1 to 18 will upgrade the corresponding upgrade according to this:

If you type in morbus_upgrade 1, it will upgrade sharp claws. If you want to bind Defense Carapace then do this:

bind t "morbus_upgrade 2"

That will bind t to upgrade Defense Carapace without having to go into the upgrades menu. If you bind this while playing as a human, it may not work. Wait till you are infected, or make a private lobby and bind it there when the round starts.

The general syntax for binding a key is

bind <key> <command>

Quotations around the command are very recommended. If you want to do multiple commands or upgrades, add a semicolon, like this;

bind t "morbus_upgrade 2 ; morbus_upgrade 2 ; morbus_upgrade 5 ; morbus_upgrade 11 ; morbus_upgrade 14; playgamesound buttons/blip1.wav"

That is the recommended starting build in a keybind + the sound effect made when upgrading an ability. If you press t it will upgrade all of those automatically.

The syntax for binding multiple commands goes like this:

bind <key> "<command1> ; <command2>"

I would recommend when making an upgrade bind for Morbus, use the command playgamesound in order to have a noise play to confirm that you upgraded, or pressed an upgrade button. I would also recommend that just having one button for your favorite builds is not a good idea.

The upgrades that you truly will need are the defense upgrades, Sharp Claws, Smell, Sprint, and Strength Legs. /yes Should be binded to a button too.

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