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On June 1st, 2016,

My brother Jacob (Hiatus) passed away because of a tumor overtaking his lungs when cancer left him.

I wasn't there to be with him on his passing he wanted to let everyone know here was on his thoughts. Everyone who knew my brother Hiatus was a friend on the server.

As his older brother i have never seen him play and laugh at the same time playing with people online on garry's mod. 

he was very happy to say that "I'm very glad i get to play with friends online on a server" before i left for my trip. 

Now im here delivering the message here on the forums again that he's no longer suffering with the illness and now he's gone.

Again, as his brother i wanted to let everyone know about his passing and i'm very happy that he had people to play with him on just on 1 server and he was happy as well. 

I want to thank EVERYONE, for letting my brother play on Tectonic. He loved everyone here.

Thank you very much Tectonic Gaming, i can't express my gratitude enough because he was laughing happily.


PS. i'm sorry about the aheago display picture. 

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