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Death of TG - Jerry Hat Trick - 04-03-2017

Well, we all know TG is long dead.
Taurvi hasn't been on the site in almost a year, and this will all be gone come next month.

I will remember most of you fondly. Good times.
Some I had "disagreements" with, and they may tend to think I dislike them. I may have disliked some tendencies of someone here or there, but who doesn't? In honesty, we still had our fun times, along with the drama, and I will remember most of you.

Peace, and goodwill in your life endeavors.

RE: Death of TG - Ryuko - 04-21-2017

Oh man, that sucks.

I remember when this place first was born, I remember the day I heard of it from Talmera, and we left PuG, which unfortunately caused its end in the process, I remember getting blamed for that too. . . .

Unfortunate, things come and go throughout life tho.